What Are You Doing For YOU?

Quote003Unless you live under a rock you know that Mother’s Day was this past weekend, a day for celebrating mothers of all kinds, normally by telling them to “relax, we’ll take care of things for you today.” While it is great to take a day to really show appreciation, it is unfortunate that it is the norm in our society for the rest of the year that mothers don’t take time for themselves.

Self care is SO important for our overall well being. You can’t truly take care of others in the best way without first taking care of yourself. If you try you will end up run down, dragging throughout your day, irritated often, eventually probably resenting those you help because they don’t “give” you time for yourself, and at some point you will likely get sick. Guys, when that happens it is your body PLEADING with you to slow down! I know that we are so busy in our lives, but this is SO important! Even if it’s only a few minutes a day, TAKE TIME FOR YOU! (This applies to men as well as women, by the way.)

You may or may not have noticed my absence for the last few weeks. Well, the reason for that is that MY body was telling me it needed a break! I had been going on overdrive for too long, trying to do way too much & going in too many directions, never really slowing down. When I would sit down to take a break, I would come up with something else I needed to get up & take care of. My mind would jump from one thing to another that I “needed” to get done. I wasn’t listening to my body, and so finally it decided it was fed up with me. I came down with a nasty cold that knocked me out for pretty much a whole week to start with, and am finally just now feeling mostly recovered more than two weeks later. I even tried to continue to ignore what I needed at first, because I couldn’t stand that I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to – after staying home from work for two days I thought I could go back to work, which was a mistake. I ended up crashing after that day when I got home, and spent the next two days again in bed. I finally gave in & let my body have what it wanted.


Image courtesy of Naypong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Now that I realize how much I had been abusing myself by the constant “go-go-go” I am working on prioritizing & focusing on what I actually NEED to do, and what can wait a little bit. I’m taking time again to take regular breaks – I go for a short walk at least once a day (weather permitting) & have started to meditate again for 5 minutes a day to be sure I slow down & take time to listen to my body. I’ve gotten back into my morning yoga routine. I turn on my favorite music while I’m in the shower to make sure I start my day in a good mood. These are a few of the things I’ve discovered are what I need to take care of myself.

I bet you will notice a big difference if you can just start doing ONE thing for yourself every day. I know that my mood is incredibly improved when I do. It makes the rest of my day so much easier & more pleasant – I smile more, I feel less tense & irritable, and I often get MORE done because there is less resistance!

What one thing could you do for yourself on a daily basis to take care of YOU?


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