Experimenting with Food

I hwalk01ope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I had a really nice weekend with my family – enjoyed a lot of good quality time! It was a house full of people & dachshunds :) I love all of the nature around my parents’ home. They have a great walking path that starts right across the street. It makes me long for more nature in my life – living in a big city, I have to go out of my way to really connect with nature! It feels so much slower up there, too.

(Oh & if you are on Instagram you should follow me here! I just made myself an account last week!)

I also experienced some challenges this weekend. A few weeks ago I found out that I have a sensitivity to gluten, dairy & eggs, so I have been avoiding all three to see if it makes a difference for me in any way. I’m really coming to understand the frustrations that anyone with a food allergy goes through as far as trying to eat out at restaurants! Especially in a smaller town with fewer options. My hope is that I won’t have to avoid all three forever, but first I need to work on doing whatever I can to heal my body. In the past I have cut out certain foods, so this isn’t the first time, but it IS the first time that it’s been for a medical reason & not because I was trying out some kind of diet plan or simply experimenting with what my body needs.

Quote005Have you ever experimented with how different foods affect your body? Each person’s body has different needs, and those needs will even change throughout your lifetime. More people have food sensitivities than realize it. What you eat affects so much more than most people realize! Of course there are the obvious symptoms caused by food – full blown allergies are pretty apparent when they give you an immediate reaction like hives. Stomach upset & gas are commonly known bodily reactions to foods, but did you know that there are tons of other things connected to food sensitivities & allergies? Insomnia, emotional instability, headaches, joint & muscle pain, acne, & impotence are just a few. (There is a pretty good overview here if you are interested in learning a bit more, with a great infographic!) I wish someone had told me this years ago! I encourage you to experiment with removing different foods if you are experiencing any troubling issues. (The most common food allergies/intolerances are gluten, milk, eggs, soy, peanuts, seafood & tree nuts.)


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